Remembering The Fallen – Kings College School, Wimbledon

  • By Ellie McDaniel
  • 16 Nov, 2016
On a beautiful, sunny Autumn day, Kings College School Wimbledon hosted their annual Remembrance Day Parade and I had the privilege to photograph it.  With pupils past and present, the names of ex Kings College students who fell in battle were read out.  Wreaths were laid at the memorial from the Headmaster and staff, the cadet forces and The Old Kings Club. Then under a bright blue sky, one of the pupils signified a minute’s silence by playing The Last Post on the bugle. For more information on event photos, please click   here .
By Pennie Withers 10 Jan, 2018
Is a new professional headshot on your to-do list for 2018?

Are you still using an out of date photo, a holiday snap or a selfie? I'm guessing that isn't really cutting it in creating the right impression for your business. If so - this blog is for you (details of my next headshot day are at the end).

According to Linkedin, your profile is 10 times more likely to be viewed if you have a professional headshot. And we all know that we literally have milliseconds to make the right impression with our online presence.  

This is exactly what had been on the minds of the various business owners who came along to my  headshot day  last month.  They were looking to create the right impression with their profile photos.  So, they came along to my headshot day at My Workspot in Maidenhead - a fantastic co-working space which provided the perfect generic 'business-y' backdrop for my photos.

The aim of the day was to offer a special price to my headshot clients who would book an hour slot, including hair and make up.  I also managed to slot in some men who only needed the headshot, while the women were having their make up done!

There was a wide mix of businesses represented - including a relationship coach, professional blogger, car leasing company, a business coach, Marketeer and HR consultant amongst others.

Here are a couple of  photos of Alison Oswald from  Mary Kay cosmetics  working her magic before I started snapping away.....
By Pennie Withers 08 Jan, 2018
Are you considering a new website?

Do you have a social media content plan but need pictures to bring this  to life?  

Would you like to blog in 2018 and need some imagery to make the blogs stand out?

What is holding you back from having your own photos on your website/blog/social media posts?  

If you answered yes or even just a tentative 'maybe' to any of the above, then read on. Hopefully I can dispel a few myths about custom professional photography.   Both in terms of the price (definitely worth reading on!) and also the reasons why they are so much better than stock images.

But first.....why have photos at all?

When potential clients visit your website, they form an impression of your business within the first 7 seconds. Wow - all that hard work agonising over exactly the right words, pages and photographs.  This shows how important it is to have impactful images to really sock a punch when your potential clients are first making that judgement about your business. 

On social media, photographs are hugely important too. According to Media Blog, Facebook posts with a photo receive 87% more interaction than Facebook posts without photos.  Even more startling....apparently Tweets with images receive a massive 150% more retweets than tweets without images. (Source: /

Now, the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a 1000 words.”   So, when it comes to your website, why would you want those words to be someone else’s? With your own photography (rather than stock images), you have total control over what impression and emotions your website conveys.

However - many people assume that professional photography is going to cost the earth. Recently, I spoke to a business-owner who spent £200 on stock images for his website.  After we talked about my prices, he was certainly wishing he had spoken to me first!

I can provide a bank of images to use on all of your digital marketing from blogs, to social media and of course for your website.  A library of around 50 photographs would start from £325. This figure includes the photoshoot, all development costs and all photos will be available on a private online gallery for you to download, in both high and low resolution.  I will discuss your exact requirements before the photoshoot and put together a shortlist to showcase you and your business in action.  The photos can range from individual headshots to team photos and there will also be a selection of photos about the business, not just the people.  These photos can then be used as a 'library' of photos for all of your marketing collateral, from your LinkedIn headshot to your regular Facebook posts and can be used time and time again. There are no restrictions on how and when they can be used, as is often the case with stock images. 

I have been lucky enough to work with many different types of businesses who recognise the need for custom images for their websites and social media posts.  Why not take a look here to see how much better their websites look as a result of having personalised photos rather than stock images.   One such business is Power of One Fitness Ltd  who now have a bank of photos showing David 'at work' doing individual and group training both in the gym and outside. These photos are also regularly used on David's Tweets and Facebook posts.
Or another example is Virtual Angels - Holly and Nicola do lots of different types of work for various clients, so wanted to show this photographically.  I hope you agree how much more impactful the photos are using the 'real' people behind the business.
And are a selection of photos for a copywriter client who got a great range of different photos from her shoot including a headshot, photos of her 'at work' and also some abstract photos for use elsewhere.
By Pennie Withers 01 Jan, 2018

Head Teachers can't just be experts at knowing how to get the best out of children nowadays, they also have to know how to run a business and how to 'sell' their school to prospective parents.  Schools are having to market themselves with fabulous websites, beautiful prospectuses and well-managed social media posts.  In order to really bring these marketing materials to life and stand out from the crowd of other schools,  it is crucial to have a wide range of beautiful school prospectus photographs which really show exactly what the school is all about - it's facilities, it's ethos and what parents can expect their child to experience there.

My background is in marketing, so for me, it's  not all about getting the perfect light for a specific shot (although that does help!) - it's working out what each photograph will show about your school.  For example, if the school is known for it's academic prowess - does it show engaged, hard working pupils? Or if the school is especially proud of it's pastoral care, are there plenty of photos showing the children interacting with teachers and fellow pupils?  

I have a wealth of experience photographing schools throughout the Thames Valley and London, so thought I would share with you what makes for a really effective school prospectus photography session and how to get the most out of your photographer. Here are some things to consider when planning your school photography session:

  • Has  your photographer worked in schools before?  I can't stress the importance of this one - school photography sessions are usually fast-paced, fitting in and around lessons, getting around the school to be in the right classroom at the right time, working in tight spaces as well as checking uniforms are correct, ties are done up etc. etc.! Experience working in schools goes a long way here!
  • Ask your photographer to have a chat with your web designer or prospectus designer before the shoot - they may have some suggestions on the sort of images that are needed - or indeed, there may be some specific 'hero' shots that are needed to be photographed in a particular way/shape/dimension.
  • Brief your photographer on what the school is renowned for - academic results/pastoral care/sporting achievements?  if your photographer knows this, they can bear this in mind when they are 'visualising' specific shots
  • Consider which subjects are important to show? Don't just plan photographs for every single subject - remember, topics like geography, history, english etc.  all look very similar in photos, whereas more practical subjects like science/music/art are much more impactful.
  • Involve the teachers - this is REALLY important.  Photo sessions are always much more effective if the teachers are expecting a photographer to be coming into their lesson.  If you have 15 minutes on the schedule to be in a particular lesson - it's much better that the teacher has specific tasks already set up rather than interrupting a planned lesson and then trying to set up certain scenarios.  
  • Engage with the pupils - try to get reactions from them or get them engaging with each other.  It's much more interesting to see photographs of pupils enjoying themselves than just immersed in a book.
  • Warn parents/pupils that photography is taking place. Some parents don't like their child being used in publicity photographs.  Conversely, for those who are being photographed, parents can ensure that their uniforms are smart and correct!
  • On the subject of uniforms - the best possible time for a photo shoot is in September.  You'll have lots of fresh-faced pupils in new uniform to photograph. Also - establish how much emphasis the school puts on smart uniform.  Some really like to make sure that uniform rules are adhered to.   Equally, some schools like to allow pupils to express themselves through what they wear at school, so in this instance, uniform rules will be more relaxed.
  • Have a shoot timetable - this brings together many of the other points as it means teachers will know when to expect you photographing their lesson.  It also will mean that you are able to review what lessons you are going into to ensure that you are going to be getting exactly the right kind of photos that you want. But within the timetable, allow for some flexibility - the photographer will need to get between classrooms and sometimes, you will come across scenarios around the school which are naturally happening which you won't want to miss. 
  • Finally, on every school photography session I have photographed, bear in mind that you will always get more photographs than you plan for - your school will be operating a normal school day and your photographer will spot things during the shoot that you  might not have thought of but which will represent your school.

Hopefully these tips will enable you to plan a really effective photo session for your school prospectus and website.  However - if you book me, you won't have to worry about most of them as I will already have them covered!  To see some more of my school prospectus photography - click here
By Pennie Withers 19 Dec, 2017
Despite being in business over 8 years now, I realise I have  never actually done a review of the year.  So - here it is for 2017 which turns out to have been my best year yet!  I have sat myself down with a frothy coffee and challenged myself to take a look at what I have done over the last 12 months, my best moments and how the business has changed.

I started the year with my annual trip to SWPP in London with my photographer friend Claire. This is basically a gathering of photographers (not sure what the collective noun is for us - maybe a 'click' or a 'focus'?!) and it's a great way to look at new kit that's been launched, get some fresh perspective on the industry and generally talk about all things photography. 

I also started the new year with a real focus on my marketing activity - thanks to Lisa Vassallo from One to Three Marketing .  We have met every 8 weeks throughout the year and I have been so excited to receive totally organic business enquiries - all as a result of the work Lisa has helped me with. I can't wait to continue this into 2018!

In terms of the photo shoots I have undertaken over the year, I have found myself working with every type of business that you can imagine - everything from one-man-bands and SMEs to global companies.  Everything from schools to solicitors, design agencies and marketing consultants, personal trainers to VAs, solicitors, equine vets and PR agencies. I just love the variety.  

I have found myself up ladders, in tiny spaces, hanging out of windows and even in the Royal Box at the Royal Albert Hall! Each and every shoot has been fantastic fun.

By Pennie Withers 02 Nov, 2017

A professional headshot is often the first thing people notice when they 'meet'  you online either on your website or on your social media platforms. Make sure the first impression, is the right impression!  If your headshot is out-of-date or a blurry holiday snap, then please consider coming along to our next headshot day on Friday 24th November at My Workspot in Maidenhead (full venue details below). 

These sessions offer fantastic value for money and are extremely time efficient.   You simply book a one hour time slot, come along in your chosen outfit and we'll do the rest!

For just  £100*, we will work with you to create a beautiful headshot, which you can use to create the right impression for your business.  
Alison Oswald , the UK’s number 1 Sales Director of  Mary Kay   will take care of your hair and make up.  Alison has a very natural style and all previous clients have felt her make-up has enhanced their appearance and given them more confidence for the photo shoot (see below for 'before' and 'after' photos of one of our previous clients).   Then  Pennie Withers  of  Photos by Pennie  will take a stunning headshot, again in a very natural, relaxed but professional way.  
Together, a bespoke hair, make up and headshot session would usually cost £175, so why not take us up on this fantastic offer and have a new headshot which you can use anywhere you would like for just  £100! For the men out there, Alison can offer a haircut and/or facial hair trim for the same price.  Alternatively, if you would rather just have your photos taken, without the hair and make-up, the price is £50, which offers exceptional value for money.  Please note that a headshot alone (no hair and make up) would be a 30 minute booking.
Our next headshot day is on Friday 24th November  between 9.15 and 5.15  at My Workspot, 2nd Floor, 85 King Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1DU. (See below for map and parking information)

Please just email us to find out what slots are available or if you would like any more information, please give Pennie a call on 07715 889457.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What will Alison do? 
    You turn up with your hair washed and dried as you usually would and Ali will work her magic, for that salon look – she will straighten it if necessary and she will also apply very natural make up, so it’s best to turn up with no make up on at all. For men, Alison can give your hair (and/or beard) a trim and still make you ‘camera-ready’.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear whatever you would usually wear to meet a client. This will create the right impression for your professional photograph. Perhaps a crisp white shirt with a coloured jacket/cardigan/scarf? Pennie will take a number of variations so that you have a choice of photographs to choose from.   Bring a couple of changes if you're not sure and Pennie can advise you. 
  • How will the session work?
    You will be given your hour-long time slot. Turn up 5 minutes before so that you are ready for your hair and make up to be done first. This will take approx. half an hour to forty minutes then Pennie will take your photo and you will be done. Please note, a session for just a headshot with no hair and make-up will be 30 minutes. 
  • What will happen after the session?
    You will be sent an email with a link to an online, password protected gallery where you can expect to see up to 10-12 different photographs. Once you choose your favourite image, Pennie will email it to you as a high-resolution jpeg which you can use in any media over any time period. She will also give you a specific Linkedin crop for you to that you can upload it straight away without any resizing.
  • Where is My Workspot and where can I park?
    The address for My Workspot is 2nd Floor, 85 King Street, Maidenhead SL6 1DU.  It is almost exactly opposite the '3' building very close to Maidenhead station.  If you are approaching from the Nicholsons car park (see below), the glass doors are on your left and feature very clear My Workspot branding. The entrance is sandwiched between 'Peakes' and Que Pasa. When you arrive, please come to the 2nd floor.
    Parking :
    The closest option is Nicholsons car park which is The Broadway, Maidenhead SL6 1NT. You are given a coin chip on entry, and you are only charged for the time you use.  (Ie - it's not pay and display). Alternatively, there is the Grove Road car park which is here: . Finally, there is up to 3 hours free parking at Maidenhead Retail Park .

    *This session would usually cost £175 if booked as a bespoke hair, make up and photo session.

By Pennie Withers 12 Oct, 2017

So – I’m probably doing myself out of a job here, but I thought I would share with you how you can take better photographs to use on your social media posts. Obviously ideally you’d book me to take them for you (!) but if not, these tips will at least make your social media photos as good as they possibly can be!

But first – why use social media photos?

According to Media Blog - tweets that include a photograph are 35% more likely to be retweeted . Plus - Facebook posts that have a photograph in will obtain on average, 87% more interaction . So there is definitely big value in adding some pictures to get more people interacting with your posts.

How to take the best social media photos:

Tip 1 – The rule of thirds: images where the subject is off centre are always much more interesting. Divide your camera frame into 9 squares (see below) and place your subject on one of the intersecting lines – instantly your photo will look much better. 

Tip 2 – Use leading lines to create interest in your shot. So – a bit like the rule of thirds, you are basically just making your shots that little bit more creative than just photographing from straight on. For example,  use things like walls, horizontal lines and a pathway to add that interest. See below for an example.  

Tip 3 - Do NOT use flash! Particularly if you are using a phone, the flash is never good and the photos end up looking really rubbish. So – take my advice, take your photos on overcast days – you won’t get any shadows or rings under the eyes. Or – if you can’t avoid a bright sunny day, head for some top-shade. This is created either by doorways or under trees. Your subject will still be lit beautifully but won’t be blinded by the sun.

Tip 4 – on the same subject as tip 3 (ie – lighting….) try to shoot your photos during the ‘golden hour’. This is the time either shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which almost all photos look absolutely gorgeous. (Think those holiday photos early evening when the sun is going down). Literally everything looks good in this light! Again, see below for an example.

Tip 5 – Control Exposure. This is fairly limited on smart phones, but can still make a big difference. On I-phones when you have a photo you’d like to take, simply tap and hold the screen and you will see a slider, which allows you to increase/decrease exposure, and lock it. This can also lock focus – so you can decide what is in focus and what is not.

Tip 6 – minimize your editing effects. I’m a sucker for a filter on instagram, and it can be fun to apply them but before you do it, ask yourself is it really necessary? Is it possible they detract from the image?  Sometimes, a simple crop, good lighting and composition are all that is necessary. 

Finally, Tip 7 - Keep your lens clean! It may sound really obvious, but you’d be amazed what I see…..your phone sits in your pocket, your handbag, on your desk etc. and gathers finger prints and goodness knows what else in the process. Before you take a photo – give it a little wipe and you’ll be guaranteed crystal clear photos every time!

Happy snapping! 

But remember…….if you want really fantastic professional photographs to represent your brand, take a look at or call me on 07715 889457. I have worked with all sorts of businesses including interior designers, schools, commercial lighting companies and many more to supply them with a bank of photos for them to use on social media. Thanks for reading!

By Pennie Withers 25 Aug, 2017

If you are hosting a sales conference/new product launch/company party at some point and are considering having some event photographs taken…read on to find out how you can get the best ‘value’ out of them afterwards plus a few handy hints for what to look out for in a good event photographer.


The versatility of event photographs from a marketing perspective

Event images can be used in a number of ways either immediately in terms of social media or in the future where you can extract some added value from a marketing perspective.

For example:

·     Immediately after your event

o  For use in press coverage in industry media or social pages

o  For use on your company social media channels

o  To include in post-event correspondence to delegates and guests

·     For future marketing projects

o  For use in promotional material for your next conference/exhibition/dinner/product launch

o  On your company website - promoting the company culture and it’s people

o  In the company annual report

o  PR campaigns/media features

o  In print/online ads


Here are 10 top tips to help you find the perfect event photographer

·    Who to book – ask colleagues/business contacts for recommendations. It’s always best to go with a photographer who someone you know has used before.

·    Budget – don’t just book anyone with a decent camera. As the old adage goes……’you get what you pay for’. Get 2 or 3 quotes from recommended photographers.

·    Portfolio – take a look at the photographers’ portfolio. Does their style match your branding and image?

·    Insurance – does your photographer have professional indemnity and public liability insurance? You don’t want to be held liable if your photographer causes an injury or has his kit damaged/stolen at your event!

·    Equipment – If your conference is happening in a dark basement or a well lit room, make sure the photographer you use has the correct equipment necessary.

·    Lighting - consider if your venue will be dark….will flash be necessary? You may not want flash going off at your event all the time!

·    Photo sharing – is your event photographer happy for the photos to be shared in social media?

·    Shot list – spend some time putting together a base list of ‘must have’ photos from your event. Eg – keynote speakers, important guests, detailed timings so your photographer can always be in the right place at the right time.

·    Post event marketing photos – if you want to use the event photos afterwards to market your company, consider what sort of photos will be useful and add those to the shot list too.


And finally…….if you want some really fantastic event photography in Berkshire, the Thames Valley and London, take a look here to see more examples of event photos or call me on 07715 889457. Thanks!



By Pennie Withers 06 Jun, 2017

So - you already know WHY you should have a professional Linkedin profile photo. But now, you're looking for a Linkedin profile photographer. Here are my five top tips to help you get the most out of your headshot session.

Meet Rick......he was looking for a new LinkedIn profile photo but definitely didn't want a standard headshot on a white or black background. Rick wanted some tips on how to get the most of our photo session and I'd like to share these thoughts with you....

1. Before you get started

  • It's worth spending a bit of time doing some 'homework' - on LinkedIn. Look up people who are in the same profession as you. What are their headshots like? Copy and paste some you really   like   onto a word document. Also copy and paste some you don't  like onto a word document. Share this with your photographer before the shoot. This is by far the best way to get across what kind of professional headshots that you like/dislike.
  • Consider what impression you are trying to give through your headshot. As an example, Rick wanted some shots that were informal, friendly and approachable but he also needed some more formal shots. Click   here   to see some of the variations we took.
  • Decide on your location - do you want indoor or outdoor shots? I always like to capture my clients in their working environment and it's important to decide the backdrop to your photos before you start.

2. What to ask your LinkedIn profile photographer:

  • Always discuss with your photographer beforehand what kind of 'look' you are wanting. This will usually depend on both your profession and also where the photo will be being used (consider more formal shots for LinkedIn vs. more relaxed photos for Facebook/Twitter).
  • Tell your photographer where and how the photo will be used - this will have an impact on both the location (if appropriate) and your clothing.
  • Ensure your photographer will provide all of the images in the correct sizes for different platforms e.g. each social media platforms have different requirements to say, websites.

3. What should I wear for my professional headshots?

  • Discuss with your photographer what you should wear. My advice is usually to wear what you would usually wear to meet a client. Definitely not jeans and a t-shirt for example, if you usually turn up in a suit or vice versa.
  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes.
  • Blue/green/turquoise shirts/blouses or accents can help emphasize blue/green/hazel eyes
  • For men.....bring a few different jackets, shirt colours and ties so we have choices for the photo
  • For women, consider bringing different necklines/coloured tops/scarves to accessorise. Also for women, consider that sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your shoulders/arms. And jewellery should be kept to a minimum (unless it is relevant to your business). The photo is of your face, not your accessories!

4. Anything else?

  • Should I smile? Absolutely, yes! A lack of smile can imply lack of interest/engagement. A friendly smile can reassure people you are the right person to do business with and will show interest, confidence and approachability.
  • Please note that you shouldn't use your company logo as your profile picture. People want to connect with you as an individual, so avoid displaying your company's logo — unless it's your company's page.

5. What next?

  • Click here  for some examples of headshots I have taken for various clients:
  • If you would like to discuss your professional headshot, click here  to get in touch.
  • If you have any further questions about choosing a LinkedIn profile photographer, I'd be delighted to help.
By Ellie McDaniel 18 Apr, 2017

I have been taking professional headshots for years.  Everyone from sole traders just starting out in business to Chief Execs and whole teams of people. Musicians, vets, accountants, solicitors, graduates and many others.  All very different types of businesses, but all with the same requirements…….professional headshots which create the ‘right’ impression for them.

Recently however, I was asked to do headshots for two young children who needed them for their online acting ‘CVs’. Whilst the same principles applied, the requirement for a range of expressions was greater than your average executive needs.  From that ‘straight down the lens focus shot’ to the friendly, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smiles, we tried them all. And what was the best bit you may ask? The distinct lack of photoshopping required on their young, unweathered skin!

Anyway – another client recently needed a new Linkedin Headshot, and wanted some tips on how to get the most of our photo session. So I thought I would share some thoughts with you….

Here are some tips for your Linkedin Headshot:

  • Always discuss with your photographer beforehand what kind of ‘look’ you are wanting.  This will usually depend on both your profession and also where the photo will be being used (consider more formal shots for Linkedin vs. more relaxed photos for Facebook/Twitter)
  • It’s worth spending a bit of time doing some ‘homework’ – on Linkedin, look up people who are in the same profession as you.  What are their headshots like?  Copy and paste some you really like onto a word document. Also copy and paste some you don’t like onto a word document.  Share this with your photographer before the shoot.  This is by far the best way to get across what kind of professional headshots that you like/dislike
  • Tell your photographer where and how the photo will be used – this will have an impact on both the location (if appropriate) and your clothing.

What should I wear for my professional headshots?

  • Discuss with your photographer what you should wear.  My advice is usually to wear what you would usually wear to meet a client. Definitely not jeans and a t-shirt for example, if you usually turn up in a suit or vice versa.
  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes
  • Blue/green/turquoise shirts/blouses or accents can help emphasize blue/green/hazel eyes
  • For men…..bring a few different jackets, shirt colours and ties so we have choices for the photo
  • For women, consider bringing different necklines/coloured tops/scarves to accessorise. Also for women, consider that sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your shoulders/arms. And jewellery should be kept to a minimum (unless it is relevant to your business).  The photo is of your face, not your accessories!

Anything else?

  • Should I smile?  Absolutely, yes! A lack of smile can imply lack of interest/engagement. A friendly smile can reassure people you are the right person to do business with and will show interest, confidence and approachability.

What next?

  • Click  here  for some examples of headshots I have taken for various clients.
  • If you would like to discuss your professional headshot, click here to get in touch .

By Ellie McDaniel 12 Apr, 2017

Are you having a new website built for your business?

Or perhaps you have a great looking website, but are looking to give it a freshen up.  Either way – you will need some cracking, beautiful website photos to really give it that WOW! factor.

Now obviously, I’m hoping you’ll take a look at my website and immediately pick up the phone and book me for your business photos.  However, even if you don’t book me, I would love to at least be able to convince you WHY you need professional photos on your site (and while I’m on my soap box, on your social media too!). If I’ve piqued your interest…’s why:

Apparently, our brains react differently to visual stimuli. This is because the brain deciphers images instantly, whereas words take more time to process. Photos or images are in fact, processed 60,000 times faster than text.

So – why should this matter to you?

Well, you can spend hours and hours creating a new website with fantastic, eloquent words, but I hate to break this to you, people actually rarely read website content word for word. However, have fantastic, professional photos on there and immediately, you are creating the impression that your business is professional.  The photos can reinforce your brand, they can show what you have to offer and in a nutshell, enable your business to create the right impression. In turn, people will want to do business with you.  That’s good, right?!

On top of this – don’t forget that if you have a set of professional photos of your business, you can also use them in your social media.  It’s a win:win – 2 jobs for the price of one! And if you don’t believe me, here’s some figures…..According to Media Blog – tweets that include a  photograph, are 35% more likely to be retweeted.  Add to this the fact that Facebook posts that have a photograph in will obtain on average,  87% more interaction. Make sense?

In case you’re not convinced, take a look at the photos below.  My client, Mark Harris drom  was having a new website built for his coaching and part time Marketing Director business (this is still under construction, so I will update this blog when the new website is live).  He wanted beautiful, striking photographs of him ‘at work’ so clients can see immediately what it is he can do for them.  Photos of him coaching a client, briefing his marketing team and also doing 1:1 coaching on the phone in his favourite riverside location were all on our shot list.  On top of that, he also wanted a cracking headshot and also some shots of his associate team too.

So – hopefully you’re now fully convinced of the need for professional photographs on your website and social media posts.  If you’d like to have a chat about how I might be able to help you, please give me a call on 07715 889457 or click  here  to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.  Pennie

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